Family continuity is one of the hallmarks of The Aaron Group’s approach to business. But to The Aaron Group, family isn’t strictly a matter of bloodline. Each of the company’s five-hundred-plus employees is held in equal esteem. From polishers to buyers to sales reps to back-office operatives, every member of the team is valued, every contribution is welcomed, every opinion is encouraged.

Throughout all the growth and changes, the company’s commitment to customer service has never wavered. Nor has its adherence to its other core principles: Honesty. Dependability. Constant, future-focused pursuit of new designs. And respect for the timeless value of jewelry done right.

The Aaron Group of today is a nimble, responsive, quick thinking collection of divisions that are committed to leading the changes taking place in the global jewelry industry. As a collective, The Aaron Group is constantly setting new trends. Tapping new resources. Establishing new partnerships. Looking not only ahead for possibilities, but all around, in corners that others aren’t even aware of. To The Aaron Group, jewelry is a time-honored industry that appreciates the past but should never grow old.