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Past Present Future

Powered by unconditional love and lifelong devotion, the Past Present Future Collection offers contemporary but timeless tokens of devotion and tenderness. This celebratory line lets you and your special someone remember the years gone by, embrace today and anticipate a future of happiness.




Exceptional clarity. Durability. Value. DiamonLuxe gemstones are regarded as the finest simulated stones available today. Each flawless stone is precision cut for consistency and brilliance. Set in sterling silver, the DiamonLuxe collection offers gorgeous, glorious styling at affordable prices.



Comfort comes first with this collection. Through its patented Luxury Fit technology, Robert A. Baum Corp. contours the inside of a hollow round shank, achieving an unmatched feeling of luxury and indulgence. Luxury Fit technology also provides for great price-point flexibility to go along with its superior aesthetic experience.




As fine wine is to the palate, so is Luxury Fit to the finger. Patented technology gives these rings an unmatched sensation, a feeling of tactile opulence, you will find nowhere else.



Forever Beautiful

Classically romantic. Timelessly powerful. The Forever Beautiful Bridal And Anniversary Collection provides eternal testimony to the strength of undying love and unwavering devotion.




Petite and playful. Surprising, disarming and just plain charming. This collection offers a variety of colorful gems and captivating silhouettes that can express any mood, uplift any occasion and brighten any day. 




Royal Symphony brings art and architecture together in a collection of masterpieces that appear to be dancing to the music of light and love.




Rock & Redemption creatively occupies the happy overlap of leading-edge fashion, timeless fine jewelry, and flat-out fun!